2020 Songpreneurs Training

8 Week Courses


2020 Enrollment

2020 Songpreneurs Programs for serious songwriter entrepreneurs are provided as 8 week courses.

Each course covers a different important aspect of skill building for songwriters and new music business entrepreneurs.

Qualified applicants can sign up for individual courses, or the whole year.

Choose the path that's right for you, and make strides toward your sustainable career in the new music business in 2020.

101 10,000 Hours To Mastery: Life Balancing Skills and Time Management for Songwriters
January 5 - February 29, 2020

This 8-week class covers the foundation for success in the new music business, and helps you establish solid habits for sustainable growth.

Prerequisites: None                  Text:    Provided

Students who complete this course will have a written plan of action for the year with monthly, weekly and daily checkpoints to help even the busiest person stay on track for songwriting and music business entrepreneurship success.

201 Building Your Independent Publishing Company: Set Up Your Business for Success
April 5 to May 30, 2020

This course covers how to set up your business systems for success, and when and how to register your works with the appropriate societies.  Includes real world examples from multiplatinum awarded independent music publisher instructor + business templates.

Prerequisites:  None        Text:    Getting Started the Right Way Workbook

Students who complete this course will understand the operations of a music publishing company, and will have the necessary tools and guidance to set up their own business foundation for success.  Some students will use the 8 weeks course to launch their own music publishing company into the marketplace.

301 The Art of the Pitch: How to Pitch Your Songs and Get Cuts in the New Music Business
July 5 to August 29, 2020

Includes all levels of pitching strategy including to publishers, record company A&R, music supervisors, producers, artists and brands.  Song plugging is not a mystery, but it does require patience, strategy, and persistence.  Learn the 1-2-3 of song plugging in the new music business.

Prerequisites:    201         Text:    Getting Started the Right Way Workbook                                                       and Brand Yourself Workbook

Students who complete this course will be able to plan and execute a song pitching strategy that matches their level of mastery and development.  Qualified students may be offered additional opportunities to work with our publishing partners.

401 Building Your Sustainable Business: Business Modeling for the New Music Business Entrepreneur
October 4 to November 28, 2020

The music industry has changed completely in the past 20 years, but principles stay the same.  What are the principles that define your business?  Develop a sustainable business model to take your dreams of professional songwriting to the next level by creating a simple, profitable business to complement your artistry.

Prerequisites:    201         Text:    Getting Started the Right Way Workbook                                                       and Brand Yourself Workbook

Students who complete this course will have a viable and sustainable business model and plan to create their own profitable company.  Results are dependent on the individual student's mastery and commitment level to complete assignments and take instructor guidance.  Tired of your accountant telling you your songwriting is just a hobby?  This course will help you produce the income and results to prove your worth as a professional songwriter entrepreneur.


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Course Expectations & Time Requirements

Each 8 - week course requires weekly reading assignments, and a short, written assignment answering some questions.


Students will also be required to interact regularly in the online forum with a minimum of one assigned post weekly on the current topic, and two additional comments.

Weekly quizzes and quarterly tests check your knowledge, and help you retain the information.

There will also be a songwriting commitment quota for students depending on their mastery level.  Students can choose one of three levels of commitment category:


  • Beginner - 1 song per 8 weeks;

  • Intermediate 3-5 songs per 8 weeks;

  • Advanced 6+ songs per 8 weeks.

Students who complete the work and pass the course will receive an Official Songpreneurs Certificate of Course Completion.


Overall, this program is designed to take about three hours per week time commitment:

  • an hour per week for written course work,

  • an additional hour for reading assignments,

  • and another hour for songwriting practice on your own

Additional online training sessions are available for students to attend or view for group study, but are not required.

3 hours weekly

  • read

  • write

  • respond

Cerfiticate of Completion 2020 Songprene

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